LPG - Friend of Nature

LPG - Friend of Nature

Increasing population all over the world, industrialization and migration from rural to urban areas resulted in greater emergence of environment-related problems, sustainable quality of life and generally, the dilemmas about the future of our planet. Developing technologies puts forward a better view of positive and negative contribution of the mankind to the environment and to the nature and in general, the concept of a “livable world” is being questioned in a worrisome way.

Thoughts and efforts oriented to energy requirement together with a “livable world”, increasingly consider measures that have to be taken immediately to secure our future.

Numerous interrogations and studies are being performed at the national and international level and various compelling measures are being taken.

The Kyoto Protocol, United Nations Climatic Change Panel, and different managerial approaches of the European Union are the leading ones among the efforts towards a “livable world” concept and a “sustainable energy future”. The Kyoto Protocol, which Turkey is a party to, is the basic reference point particularly for carbon release and the “greenhouse gas” effect which is known to have negative effects on the ozone layer and renewable energy resources.

UN International Climatic Change Panel has determined the greenhouse effect of various chemical compounds in an acceptable way.

The European Union has initiated in March 2007 the studies oriented to the target known as “20-20-20”, which envisages a reduction in greenhouse gas release by 20% until 2020 and providing 20% of the energy requirement from renewable energy resources.

When viewed at all these perspectives, LPG emanates as a portable and safe source of energy, supplied easily and sensitive to the nature and to the environment and has positive contributions in achievement of desired targets.