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Emin Ellerdesiniz

İpragaz was established in 1961 under the title Eureka Metal A.Ş. and in 1962 it commissioned the first Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) filling plant and filling stations in Turkey in Kocaeli-Yarımca. In 1966, the company merged with Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO) under the new title İpragaz A.Ş. After privatization in 1992, İpragaz consolidated with the French Primagaz. Following acquisition of Primagaz in 1999 by SHV Energy of Holland, the largest LPG distributor worldwide, İpragaz became a member of SHV family.

SHV Energy is the largest LPG distributor around the world. Operating in 27 countries, SHV Energy supplies LPG to millions of consumers with its 13,500 employees and a turnover exceeding € 5 billion. It is a member of the SHV family supplying energy to end users and workplaces for more than 100 years. SHV is also cooperating with The Clean Energy Company, one of its subsidiaries, in the field of renewable energy technologies. www.shvenergy.com

İpragaz is the leader in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector in Turkey based on an over 45 years of experience and the firsts it has realized to date. Being among the top 25 companies in Turkey, İpragaz has significant contributions in Turkish Economy since 1961 both with its company volume and the opportunities of employment it has provided throughout Turkey. İpragaz is also among the “top 50 companies which pay highest amount of taxes” since 1994 among private companies operating in Turkey.

Currently having 11 Bottled Gas Sales Directorates, 8 Bottled Gas Field Offices, 9 Bulk and Autogas Sales Directorates, 2 Bulk and Autogas Sales Offices, 2 Bulk and Autogas Sales Bureaus, 15 LPG Filling Plants, 3 Storage Terminals and 17 storage sites throughout Turkey, İpragaz continues to provide services with its about 670 employees at these facilities and over 2000 dealers in Turkey.

İpragaz opened its “first official autogas station” in 1996 and began to operate in the segment of “Autogas” used in private and commercial automobiles since then. İpragaz continues to provide services with its approximately 430 autogas stations throughout the country as of 2007. İpragaz initiated LNG (liquefied natural gas) operations at the end of 2004 and continues to serve its customers throughout Turkey.

In addition to the importance given to service quality, İpragaz elaborates its products bearing İpragaz trademark and produced for use in households and the industry. These products bearing İpragaz trademark are produced in compliance with national and international standards and products presented to the service of consumers for storage of LPG are supplied to consumers under insurance cover. İpragaz answers the questions of consumers with respect to LPG use 7/24 basis at the free Consumer Contact Line 444 İPRA (4772).