The First of The Sector

The First of The Sector

The first-ever achievements that make İpragaz what it is…

  • The first LPG filling plant
  • The first LPG company serving its customers with “service personnel certified” in 12 house Cylinder which is legally compulsory for household deliveries under the Training Mobilization implemented throughout Turkey
  • The first company accepting Cylinder order through the internet and SMS
  • The first double safe neck seal
  • The first officially certified autogas station
  • DGA Dieselgas system which enables the use of LPG in addition to diesel fuel in diesel engines.
  • Marinegas system enabling conversion to LPG in boats
  • The first bulk forklift service
  • The first System LPG services
  • The first mass flowmeter application in tankers
  • Underground tank control with acoustic emission method
  • Complete and safe service on “calibration accuracy, influence by unfavorable external ambient conditions, system safety, failures, etc.” which has a value for its customers, with vehicle fleet equipped with electronic metering instruments, the first in Turkey and the largest in Europe.
  • Instant bulk gas sale by invoicing at the vehicle after delivery (This system has eliminated several problems including, numerical errors, invoice losses and difficulty in tracking payments, etc.)
  • Deposit payments and opportunity to pay LPG costs with credit card
  • Performance by İpragaz in consideration of a certain charge upon request of customers, of all works (excavation of tank base pit and the pipeline ditch, supplying riverbed sand, pit and ditch filling, preparation of tank base concrete, etc.), which household bulk gas customers have do be done by third parties.
  • Providing free İPRAGAZ SYSTEM LPG INSURANCE PACKAGE to our household customers who purchase gas following installation of the bulk gas system

Customer Focused and Insured

In addition to the importance given to service quality, İpragaz elaborates its products bearing İpragaz trademark and produced for use in households and the industry. These products bearing İpragaz trademark are produced in compliance with national and international standards and products presented to the service of consumers for storage of LPG are supplied to consumers under insurance.

İpragaz System LPG is checked by the experienced and specialist personnel of İpragaz from production to installation with equipment that accommodate to global standards and presented to the service of our customers under the assurance of İpragaz. İpragaz has all of its imported products quality controlled by independent test organizations and presents them for use by its customers if the products are within the range of appropriate values.

İpragaz answers the questions of consumers with respect to LPG use 7/24 at the free Consumer Contact Line 444 İPRA (4772).